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Thermal Belt Rail-Trail

Thermal Belt Rail-Trail


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Length 13.3 miles

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Update 5-25-18

There was a ribbon cutting this morning to mark the start of the trail paving project. The 12' wide paving project will begin at Hwy 64 in Ruth and proceed south with the 5 mile section north of 64 to be completed last.  Numerous amenities will be added to the trail as paving is completed. The trail is walkable today but caution should be taken  as the surface is rough. Portions of the trail will be closed for short periods of time during the paving project.

Many thanks again to RHI Legacy Foundation for making this trail a reality !


WHERE: The 13.3 miles of 12' wide trails will run from Forest Hunt elementary school in Forest City through Forest City, Spindale, Rutherfordton and Ruth up to Gilkey. There will be numerous trail heads along the route. Rails and crossties have been removed and the paving project will begin in early June at Hwy 64 in Ruth. Paving will run south as the project progresses and plans are for it to be completed by year end .

DIRECTIONS: Parts of the trail will be closed during paving but the major access points are at Forest Hunt elementary, Florence Mill park in Forest City, along Main Street in Spindale, along Railroad Av in Rutherfordton and Ruth and the Bechtler Mint site of Hwy 221 north. Trail heads and additional parking will be provided as the paving project progresses

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