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Pearson's Falls

Pearson's Falls


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Length 0.25 mile one-way

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Pearson’s Falls and Glen is a top natural attraction in Polk County, NC, hosting over 20,000 visitors each year. 

This unique botanical preserve is comprised of 275 acres of rich cove forest, granite, spring-fed streams, and a moderate 1/4 mile trail to a 90 ft. waterfall. This trail has over 310 species of rare wildflowers and plants. Mosses, lichens, shrubs, and a variety of trees reside in this Glen, which is classified as a deciduous climax forest. 


There are many benches and picnic areas along the trail, at the base of the falls, and along Webster Way.



WHERE: 2748 Pearson Falls Road, Saluda, NC 28773

DIRECTIONS: Located in the foothills of Western North Carolina off Hwy. 176, between the towns of Tryon and Saluda.

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