Rutherford Outdoor Coalition

Cycling the Great Outdoors

The Rutherford Outdoor Coalition strives to provide access to local parks and trails in Rutherford County, North Carolina and surrounding areas for mountain biking and road cycling. We coordinate with volunteers, educational institutions and elected officials to provide the needed maintenance and upkeep to local parks, roads and trails for cyclists.

Road Cycling

Our mission is to provide access to roads for everyone. This includes picketing for local streets, complete with infrastructure for everyone, including cyclists. Incorporating bike lanes into public access roads in order to make roads safer and more inclusive. Members, sponsors and volunteers all play a vital role in helping us make this vision a reality. Get involved today and find out how you can help us make Rutherford County Streets safer and more accessible.

Mountain Biking

We strive to keep mountain roads and trails clean, well-maintained and safe for everyone. We are continually working to improve and provide extended access to trails of all difficulty levels and distances. Our goal is to encourage people to get outside and enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes of Rutherford County and surrounding areas.

Those looking for cycling adventures should look to NC. Rutherford County and surrounding counties have a blend on-road and off-road trails for those looking to enjoy a bike ride or push their physical limits.

Road Cycling Maps

The eight routes listed below are part of a published map ROC has developed. You may click on the route below and download a .pdf file with a map and cue sheet for each route listed below. The map also identifies the crushed gravel Thermal Belt Rail Trail and the segment of the NC-DOT Southern Highlands road route #2 that runs through the county.

  1. Camp Creek, 34 miles
  2. Tour de Cherry, 30 miles
  3. Chase-Cowpens, 35 miles
  4. Shiloh Loop, 21 miles
  5. Gilbert Windshield, 32 miles
  6. Bill's Creek, 20.4 miles
  7. Gilkey Loop, 15.6 miles
  8. Sam's Tribute (DOT)
  9. Thermal Belt Rail Trail
  10. Tanner Loop, 17.6 miles

Check Out More Cycling Trails Below:


Hiking Alone

Let someone know where you will be and when you plan to return. On a long-distance hike, leave behind a copy of your itinerary.