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Broad River Section 2 (Rock Springs Ch Rd (River Creek Campground) to Clark Rd)


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Length 4.25 miles

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About half dozen fun rapids and a other riffles in the first 2-3 miles. Best to have some river experience to run but since water is shallow, the injury risks are relatively small. Skirt needed if water levels high. Thereafter an easy float, with little navigational challenges. Water generally 3-4 feet deep.


DIRECTIONS: Rock Springs Ch Rd (River Creek Campground) to Clark Rd.


This section is best if dam is running, but is runnable if there has been a recent rain. The dam generally operates only on weekdays with Mondays and Fridays the most common days, depending on rain. Call 828-625-9227 for the daily release schedule. The water takes about 3 hours to reach the campground from the dam.

OUTFITTER: River Creek Tubing

PUT-IN: River Creek Campground - not a public put-in but can be arranged by calling ahead to campground. Please check in with owners and ask where to park. Suggested offer of $5 for parking and using access. River Creek will shuttle you if they and their van are available. Also River Creek has a small store with food and drink available for purchase.

TAKE-OUT: No official or public take-out here, though people have scrambled up sand bank of dredging company on left bank before bridge. Please note you are trespassing if exiting here. We recommend making the longer trip to River Road (see next section) where the property owners there are OK with limited paddler use. ROC is working on a public access at Clark.

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